I want to be the girl that’s not over sensitive. I want to be the one who doesn’t care, about other’s more than herself, about what other’s think, or about what other’s do. I want to be the girl who is emotionally strong, and who doesn’t let other’s affect how she feels. I want to […]

It is said, in life, you have more than one soul mate. A person who you connect with at a deeper level, a person who challenges you, supports you, and encourages you, in good times, and bad, and times when you don’t even realize you need it. That is what you are to me – […]

Is it possible to feel lonely, when you are alone. And not in the sense of just being alone. But alone, in a world that speaks different tongues, and breathes ice when you’re but the glowing embers of burnt charcoal that remain. I mean alone, where despite the words, the console, reality is but yours. […]

And I still have pictures of you. And I don’t know why. Because it tortures me so, To see your face, Your smile. Yet I’m not ready. To delete you. I thought I was. But I’m not, And I don’t know why.

Sometimes life can get a little bit too much and you just want to give up. You get this overwhelming feeling, and you just don’t know what to do, or how to cope anymore. Well, you’re not alone. It happens to most of us. Work. Family. Friends. Society. Expectations. It can pile up, and it […]

Splore. Where to start. Splore you were “a sheer and utter delight,” to quote The Correspondents. AΒ weekend ofΒ art, music, culture and good people, and a weekend that conjured up every emotion. Splore you were a roller-coaster of a weekend – for me at least – and wow what a ride. Three things I’m grateful for […]

And what I just don’t understand, Is why. Why her, And not me. And logic, it’s broken. My emotions, they’re on fire. Because sense, there is none. And so I make excuses, For you. So I feel better, For me. And no matter how hard I try, I just don’t understand.


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