And Sundays are when I miss you most, Well I think its Sundays, But really it’s every day. And the pain. The squeeze, Slow, Steady, Strong. And I just want it to stop, But it won’t. And the pain, It hurts even more. Tears, Slowly staining my cheeks. The salt, The wet taste between my […]

Boxes, Clean & Jerks and Snatches, when I first started CrossFit I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. It sounds a little dirty right? With a move home from abroad, came the desire to try something new, something that would challenge and focus me, after what was nearly a year unemployed, […]

Sometimes I need to have faith and take on some of the advice that I give others (that’s you). I often get so wound up in helping other people, that I forget to apply it to myself, and I feel like the worlds against me. Today’s one of those days, I’m feeling sorry for myself, but […]

Splore is Where the Heart is; a home away from home, a place where you can can can connect to the land, the sea, the people and the festival itself. Splore as a festival has this energy that is truly magical; it guarantees transformational experiences, liberation, interactivity and a place where you can dig your bare feet in […]

And you’re in everything. Everything I see, everything I do. My work, the music I hear, the food I eat. Everything. And it’s like the world wants to keep reminding me you exist, when all I want to do is forget you, and move on. But I can’t, not yet.

It’s been a month long fight trying to manage yet another depression relapse. I’ve been trying to manage my depression the best way I know; ensuring I focus on achieving balance between my physical, spiritual and mental health, and surrounding myself with positive connected relationships. This past week in particular was very up and down […]

And she finally realised, the concrete jungle, was not for her. For she needed the sand between her toes, the rustling of leaves, the birdsong, the stillness, the calm. As that is how her heart beat; calmly, like pranayama, deep, slow, yet full of life and force. And the hustle, was not her game, Or […]


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