If you had to choose, out of everything, what would be the three most important things to you? Three things that you just cannot live without. Well for me, the three most important things are: My Health. Until recently I’ve always put my career in front of my health. It’s meant long days, late nights, convenience food, […]

My body. I love my body – and have for a long time. I’m happy with how I look, no matter what shape or size. I love (and am grateful for) my body because it is fit, healthy and strong, but most importantly, because it carries my soul (Thanks Tayler). Society’s unrealistic expectations anger me. The day […]

Sun. Last Sunday was beautiful. Spring is finally here and hopefully here to stay. It was nice to spend my Sunday outside soaking up some Vitamin D. Sun = Happiness. Training. CrossFit, running, yoga or hiking. I’ve really started to focus more on my training and significantly increasing how much I train. I can genuinely say I’ve […]

It is often in moments of weakness that we find clarity. When we are weak we often start to walk down the path of reflection and begin a journey of thought; and the past month has involved just that – a lot of thinking, contemplation and in particular, a shift in focus. As such, three things […]

and you say sorry. Sorry for the small things, Sorry for the things that make you, you. but it’s ok. It’s better than ok, We’re ok. and I think I love you.

And I never knew, That a person like you could exist I keep asking myself Is this real? Or, is it just a dream? And I’m afraid, More afraid then I’ve ever been Afraid to lose something that seems so surreal Something that seems too good to be true And I’ve never been more ok, […]

My beautiful and inspiring friend Emma tagged me in a Facebook post the other night that encourages others to think positively by posting five things that they’re grateful for. As an inherently positive person I’m always thankful for the what life has to offer, the good and the bad. So it’s nice to see others […]


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