And then she realised, No matter the effort, or the hope; that it was over. And that she couldn’t help him. As much as she wanted to, as much as she cared. For he was fraught with demons, he was unwilling to face. To risk in fear, for her; But more importantly for himself. So […]

Mental health and wellbeing is a subject that I am passionate about, having suffered on and off from depression for the last five years. As such, it is my goal to inspire others who also struggle with positive wellbeing through my own experiences and learnings in the hope that I can help others work through […]

And I hope. That you’ll come back to me, And say, I’m ready. Ready to love, Ready to open your heart to fear, Hurt. And what could be beautiful, And amazing.

The ability to feel. As much as I struggle with depression and anxiety, I wouldn’t change the ability for me to feel or experience those emotions. As humans our emotions run wild. We have our ups and downs, and we’re not meant to be happy all of the time. As difficult as it can be, […]

And I love you. And I hope, That this is just a nightmare I’ve yet to wake up from. And tomorrow you will be there.

Do you think of me, Or is it just me? And all I can think, Is what have I done? As things appear to grow distant, Less frequent, Less wanting, Willing. And I can’t help but feel a change, And I wish I knew why.

As I give in. The bitter taste, It burns. And I know that the relief is only temporary, And that tomorrow the pain will return, And I will still be alone. Waiting, Hoping.


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