And I never knew, That a person like you could exist I keep asking myself Is this real? Or, is it just a dream? And I’m afraid, More afraid then I’ve ever been Afraid to lose something that seems so surreal Something that seems too good to be true And I’ve never been more ok, […]

My beautiful and inspiring friend Emma tagged me in a Facebook post the other night that encourages others to think positively by posting five things that they’re grateful for. As an inherently positive person I’m always thankful for the what life has to offer, the good and the bad. So it’s nice to see others […]

When the world feels like it’s about to crash around me, you remind me of what I have overcome, and what I have yet to achieve; and you utter those four words that help every time, ‘we haven’t crashed yet.’ You know when I’m upset without me having to say a thing. Countries or cities […]

Singing at the top of your lungs to one of your favourite songs while driving The sunroof open, windows down and the wind in your hair on a beautiful sunny day A long run on a crisp Winter morning A glass of mulled wine warming your hands on a cold Winters night Falling asleep to […]

Stress. It manifests in different ways for all of us. Me, it’s both physical, emotional and it hinders my creativity and my general well-being. Three things I’m grateful for right now that help manage my stress: Sunshine. Sun. Vitamin D. It’s natures way of smiling and I couldn’t be happier when I’m outside on a […]

So much can happen, in one week, in one day, one hour. Things can change, in one conversation, in one sentence, one word. A heart can be won, in one smile, in one touch, one moment. And sometimes you only need just that one thing.

Why am I attracted to those who’ve experienced pain, those who’ve suffered, those who’ve lived, and those that have a story to tell.   Why am I attracted to the creatives, the poets, the musicians, and the writers.   Why am I attracted to the rebels, the opinionated, the outspoken, and the free.   Perhaps […]


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