When the world feels like it’s about to crash around me, you remind me of what I have overcome, and what I have yet to achieve; and you utter those four words that help every time, ‘we haven’t crashed yet.’ You know when I’m upset without me having to say a thing. Countries or cities […]

Singing at the top of your lungs to one of your favourite songs while driving The sunroof open, windows down and the wind in your hair on a beautiful sunny day A long run on a crisp Winter morning A glass of mulled wine warming your hands on a cold Winters night Falling asleep to […]

Stress. It manifests in different ways for all of us. Me, it’s both physical, emotional and it hinders my creativity and my general well-being. Three things I’m grateful for right now that help manage my stress: Sunshine. Sun. Vitamin D. It’s natures way of smiling and I couldn’t be happier when I’m outside on a […]

So much can happen, in one week, in one day, one hour. Things can change, in one conversation, in one sentence, one word. A heart can be won, in one smile, in one touch, one moment. And sometimes you only need just that one thing.

Why am I attracted to those who’ve experienced pain, those who’ve suffered, those who’ve lived, and those that have a story to tell.   Why am I attracted to the creatives, the poets, the musicians, and the writers.   Why am I attracted to the rebels, the opinionated, the outspoken, and the free.   Perhaps […]

As I sit in the airport waiting, waiting two hours for my next connecting flight, I look around me. Everyone is either on their phone, on a laptop, busy with some kind of technology. No one is talking, watching, waiting, or observing. We’re all slaves to technology and it scares me. Scares me that the […]

Art. Art is an activity┬áthat isn’t widely celebrated by New Zealanders. It is considered less important than many other things and has a poor perceived value; I just don’t understand why. What is the world without art? It is boring, it is uninspiring, it is inexpressive. Intelligent Conversation. It’s not often I get to sit […]


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