I like to start my day reading my personal affirmations. Personal affirmations are a great way to transform the way that you live, by helping focus you, encourage you and guide you. So what’s a personal affirmation? A personal affirmation is a written statement that reminds you of your unlimited potential. You can choose to […]

Tell me what you love. Tell me your dreams, your passion and what gets you up every morning.  Take my hand in to yours and kiss it with tender lips. Sing to me. Sing with me. Stare in to my soul. Stare in to my eyes. Look at me as though I might be some kind of […]

And you’re like a drug. One that I cannot give up. And I try. I say no. No more. Every day. I try. And it’s like you know I want to quit. And you say not today. You say something. Anything. And I’m like an addict. For the way you make me feel. The hit. […]


Depression is a very real condition and it’s not a disorder many would consider worth loving. How can you love something when you cannot experience joy? Positive thinking changes your brain. The more positive thoughts you have, the better, and the more you see your problem with depression as an opportunity for growth. Thirteen reasons why […]

It is hard to think of others, when I all crave is emotion. For I feel, often. Too much, and too little. I’d rather create my own world, fed with passion, and purpose, to fuel my soul, alight with fire, when others lend but negativity. As despair, fear and triviality, Hold no virtue. Unlike compassion, […]

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
CrossFit or CultFit. Call it what you will. There’s no denying CrossFit has rapidly grown the past few years. Despite little evidence to suggest why, CrossFit is a lifestyle which people claim to be the “happiest and healthiest” they’ve ever been. You know someone does CrossFit, because they will tell…


Family is everything. Be it blood, or be it the family you choose. Be sure to spend time with your family. Your family will always be there for you in times of need. Cultivate the relationships that you do have and repair any that are broken. Time is precious. Be grateful. There is so much […]


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